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  • New member / owner no 1438

    Hi new member here, recently purchased no 1438. Nice to find it was originally sold just down the road from me in Didcot.

    Previously owned reg no LL03ZVR if any one knows anything that became of it? I had to sell it 8/9 years ago due to a change in circumstances so it's great to be back in one.


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    Hello Stewart and welcome to the club πŸ‘πŸΌ


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      Welcome to the forum and club Stewart. Good to know the new owner of Focus RS 1438, would it be possible to know the date you purchased her to add the date (day/month/year) to the history of your car please.

      I actually looked at 1438 years ago back in September 2010 with a friend, was local to Nottingham, very clean and had just 23,782 miles on the clock.

      Onto your past car Stewart. Did see this car for sale on Autotrader on 1st August 2011 with 64,000 miles. Were you in connection with the RSOC when you owned it as I do have two previous owners' forum names from back then? I haven't seen the car for years.

      Enjoy the forum Stewart and good to see you back in another Mk1. Hope you join us at the shows next year, especially the 20 Year Anniversary Meet!


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        Hello and welcome Stewart πŸ‘‹. I'm only 30 minutes away from Didcot so not too far away.


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          Welcome back Stewart πŸ‘πŸš™


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            Hello Stewart

            to the club and forum!


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              Thanks for the welcomes, as mentioned happy to be sat back in a mk1. Have been fortunate to pretty much have had most RS's in the past most before the boom of the past few years.

              Clayton, yes 1438 is very clean and tidy with low mileage so I'm very happy with it. I completed and picked the car up today after viewing last week. I had a look back and August 2011 was when I purchased LL03ZVR , have a photo from the day still!



              • Clayton
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                Thanks Stewart for confirming the date you purchased 3015, an owner between the two owners I have listed for the car. ;-)

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              Welcome to the club, good to see a former owner back behind the wheel of a Focus RS Mk1


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                Hello and welcome back to FRS ownership πŸ‘

                These are addictive little cars hey, loads of people having had one previous wanting another one, feeling sorry they sold theirsπŸ€”
                Also if Clayton says it’s a nice and low mileage car it must be really good, would be nice to see some pics.
                Enjoy (many) happy and safe miles in it

                cheeRS Chris
                never drive faster then your guardian angel can fly


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                  Welcome to the club. And welcome back to a mk1 rs!


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                    Thanks again, is there a knack in regards to uploading photos, it just says all my photos are too big?

                    As mentioned this was actually the only model where my situation governed the sale rather than choice so I guess I was always going to end up with another! Looks like I may have got in before prices potentially make another jump, I see 4 star classics have just posted a very low mileage one for sale for big money...


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                      Hi Stewart, I'm not far away either in Oxford. #503


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                        Nice! Are you local guys aware of any meets? The Oxford rsoc used to have meets first Monday of the month if I remember rightly but not sure if that's still a thing?


                        • Poynter87
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                          I'm not sure if the Oxford rsoc still have monthly meets as I've never been to any but I go to the Hampshire and Berkshire rsoc meets now and again which are held on the second Thursday of every month which take place just outside Reading.