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  • Cambelt change

    Ladies and Gents, it just occurred to me, is the cam belt 5 years or 10 ?
    I did change it and the pump at 43k miles in 2020 (now on 47k)
    So just debating with myself to do an oil and filter service this year as only done 900 miles in a year (yeah yeah I know)

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    Hi there, it's 10 yrs or associate mileage not sure if it's 80k or 100k. I just had mine done at Demon Performance with Pete about a month ago. Mine hadn't been changed for about 6/7 yrs but only covered 8/9k during that time.

    CheeRS. Lee.


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      As Lee says, 10 years or 100 k miles.
      most of us will do 10 years as don't see many doing 100k in 10 yrs.
      as the zetecisn't reallyknown for having troubles with timing belt i see no real reasons to do it alot earlier so 10 years you'd be fine.
      if you wanna do it yourself, i made a how too many moons ago you can find in the tech section here 👍
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