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Very happy to have it back on the road

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  • Very happy to have it back on the road

    What with house stuff and building a garage, the car sadly had to take a back seat, so last week I got it MOT'd, its been just over 4 years since I drove it last.
    After looking pretty clean and a good few hours of cleaning over its 4 year holiday, it literally started smashing it down the second I was due to leave the garage for the MOT centre and I mean biblical, the M25 was a sea of white where it was hitting the ground so hard, still was worth it to get back on the road.

    And tucked up at home.

    All freshened up.

    Theres still loads to do, needs a fluid change, front pads are low, two of the alloys need re powder coating but thats just old cars for you.
    Properly pleased to be back in the drivers seat tho, feels like a go kart.