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  • Signature Pictures

    We have a slight problem with sig PICTURES at the moment, we have identified a new bug with this version of Vbulletin. The issue is that sig pics only seem to show for the first person that posts in a thread (that has a sig pic setup). Note if your sig contains text or smilies these work fine on every post its only the PICTURE that wont display correctly. Vbulletin are working on a bug fix and hope to have the problem fixed ASAP!
    The Signature facility is only available to Club Members.

    However rather than wait for Bulletin to solve the problem there is now a workaround that seems to do the trick for the moment.

    Please make sure you follow these instructions correctly, as incorrectly sized sig pics will be removed. Sig pics must be no larger than 650px wide by 150px high.

    1. Log into the forum.
    2. Go to "User settings"
    3. Click onto "Account"
    4. Scroll down to "Conversation Detail Options" and make sure the "Show signatures" option is ticked
    5. Click "Edit Post signature"

    screenshot 1.png
    6. Now go to
    7. Click onto upload images on the top left of the screen.


    8. Upload your image using one of the options presented.


    9. Once you have chosen your sig pic to upload click on the "start upload" button.


    10. Now click "edit image" under image options.

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    11. Now resize the pic using the dimensions box.


    12. Click "Apply" followed by "Save"
    13. Now select the BBcode (forums) text under "Share this image" and copy the full link.


    14. Paste this into the signature window and press the save button.


    15. Click save changes at the top of the screen and your done!

    Your sig pic should now be visible to everyone.
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