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What did you do to your cars this week ???

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  • What did you do to your cars this week ???

    Had my wheels powder coated back to silver.
    Previous owner had them done black.
    Ordered new rear discs and pads.
    Also booked my car in at DPC for front and rear subframe restoration.
    Ordered a indoor dust cover from classic car additions.

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    Nothing even remotely as interesting!

    Swapped the rear fog and reverse lights for some left hand drive varients, and fiddled with the loom to make the swap work "right".

    Fitted some lhd st headlights to see how I feel about them Vs standard lights (so far so good, but they need some modification). Planned out how to make a set of drl using as much standard stuff as possible, and am currently waiting for parts.

    Failed to find the male counterparts to the Aircon pressure sensor and dryer sensor things, so had to snip the factory connectors off and crimp the necessary wires togethrr. So I can use the AC button to turn on an additional fan - which looking at all the amperage ratings of everything, I should be able to drive off what was the ac compressor 12v connector. Unfortunately it's raining and I've not had chance to put the battery back in and measure what, exactly, comes out of that connector. I'm hoping to avoid a relay and more cabling (since there is a perfectly good relay setup in the AC already), but we'll see whether what works on paper translates properly when I can get back outside and fiddle some more.
    Build Number 1506


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      Removed the front bumper and resprayed the Uprated chargecooler rad Pro logo white. Removed rocker cover and had it sprayed white to go with the under bonnet hoses.


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        Might remove my bumper soon just to have a look behind.
        New car to me and id like to look at whats going on beind things.
        Pulled out my rear wheel liners yesterday and issues.
        Happy about that after some of the stories ive read.


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          I did nothing this week


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            Your car may be at a point where it needs nothing doing.


            • BartFRS
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              It’s more a lack of time 😜
              One car needs a good clean and the tracktool will get a brake upgrade in the very near future.

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            I drove to my lock up uncovered the car went to start it then had a phone call and had to leave πŸ™„ so cover back on doors locked and try again at a later date 😬


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              I've not really done anything exciting other than have my spare turbo support bracket welded ready to swap over when I fit the new carbon heatshield, I have fitted a carbon engine mount cover and another washer bottle filler neck so I have finally been able to get my auto specialist washer cap to stay on.


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                Mines in body shop for over a week now, Lots being done


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                  Originally posted by R222 USH View Post
                  Mines in body shop for over a week now, Lots being done
                  What are you having done?


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                    I fitted the tubular manifold I won in the bonus ball draw and new GT2871RS turbo that I had on the shelf that was going on another project

                    just need to sort turbo inlet pipe as original is two small obviously!


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                        I’ve been , cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!






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                          And more cleaning!





                          • Poynter87
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                            Absolutely stunning as always Geraint.

                          • Marathonman72
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                            Thanks Richard! πŸ‘

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                          Looks very nice.
                          Im about to do this with my car, ive pulled the wheel liners out to inspect beind and it looks good, just needs a clean.
                          Im also going to remove both bumpers and have a good clean behind those areas too.
                          Then its off to demon performance for front a rear subframe restoration and a full service.