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  • Water pump

    Hi Everybody

    Somebody could help me ?

    I think so that my water pump of cooler system doesn't work.

    How can I test it?

    Thank's in advance

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    Waterpump of chargecooler is easy to check, you should see a small jet of water in the reservoir at any time the engine is running.
    waterpump of engine cooling system is not very likely to go faulty, when engine is running and working temperature, you should normally also see the water moving in the reservoir.
    do you have a scangauge or something similar to check temps?

    cheeRS Chris
    never drive faster then your guardian angel can fly


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      Hello Chris

      I haven't got any Scangauge.
      Sorry, my first information of isuue was not exact.
      I would like to check my chargecooler water pump working.
      I think so, when the engine is running the water pump will not work automatically.
      Something will switch on it. I am interested in what is it, and how can I test it.

      Thanks Árspi
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        Have you checked the fuse? If that is ok then try hitting the pump through the bumper vent with the handle of a hammer and sometimes this can get the pump working but only as a temporary fix as the chances are when you switch the car off it will not work when you next start the car so the brushes on the pump could be worn, these can be changed by yourself for relatively little money. Or try sticking a pin in the hole in the chargecooler tank to see if that is blocked.


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