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Are there any for sale?

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  • Are there any for sale?

    Hi All,

    Clay helped me buy my first FFRS (2755) in 2013 which disappointly ownership was short lived.

    I am having a look to see what is for sale at the moment and remembered about this forum.

    Is anyone aware of any for sale that are with looking at? It was difficult enoug 5-6 years ago to find a nice one.

    Does anyone know LA03XPX which is currently advertised?

    Many thanks
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    It’s a nice car , the owner has always had nice clean cars 👍


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      Originally posted by Chris w View Post
      It’s a nice car , the owner has always had nice clean cars 👍
      Thanks Chris, can you elaborate any further on the car? Do you know the owner?


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        Yes I’ve known the owner about 20 years , always had an rs car and looked after them , he hasn’t used it much over the time he’s owned it ,


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          Cheers Chris,
          wonderful thank you. I have spoken to Lee briefly and can hopefully arrange to view his car soon.



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            Hi Chris, unfortunately I am unable to send you a PM but hopefully you pick this up.

            Not sure if Lee has a lot on at the moment but he didn’t phone me back or reply to my emails. If you do speak to him could you mention I am on the forum and keen to speak to him.
            I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself by badgering him but would like to view his car.

            Many Thanks


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              He does run his own business so may be busy but will try to contact him to let him know ,


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                Thanks Chris, I will drop him a text as a final chaser later in the week


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                  Hi Jruk1981 and good to see you are looking for another Mk1 Focus RS and remember you owning 2755 and a very nice car it was.

                  Sorry but this thread has been overlooked and is actually in the incorrect section as we have a section dedicated for Mk1 Focus RS cars and
                  parts (selling and wanted) here - For Sale (Mk1 Focus RS only)

                  All the best for your search for another nice example Jruk1981



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                    Hi Clay, I cannot private message you or post in the wanted section so I apologise for the thread in advance. I couldn’t reply to your post in my other thread.

                    I went to View XPX and it has some plus points but unfortunately not the car I was looking for.

                    As you know I am interested in sourcing a mk1 are you able to place a wanted thread for me please or advise if you know of any coming on to the market.

                    Many Thanks



                    • BartFRS
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                      Editing a comment
                      Hello James,

                      The ' For sale' and ' Wanted ' sections are only available for posting for full membership of the club.

                      Private Messaging is instantly available for members, non-members need a certain amount of posts on the forum to access Private Messaging.

                      I hope this is any help for you.

                      P.S. The forum and all it's (financial) benefits is worth more than the yearly membership costs